FaithSource FAQs

Who can use FaithSource?

FaithSource is an open, free-of-charge resource that provides the media with easy access to influential voices of faith to help expand reporting while meeting deadlines. FaithSource primarily serves media professionals including reporters, producers, bookers, researchers and bloggers, but others are welcome to use this resource as needed.

What topics does FaithSource cover?

FaithSource provides multifaith perspectives on a wide range of breaking news and social justice issues including the economy/jobs/poverty, environment, gun violence, healthcare, immigration, Islamophobia, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, LGBTQ equality, money in politics, racial equality, religious freedom, reproductive rights, sex trafficking, voting rights, and women's equality.

Why book a faith leader in secular media?

The faith voice is actively sought by your American audience, the vast majority of which describes itself as religious. (A 2012 Gallup poll found that 70% of Americans are religious.) FaithSource provides a diverse range of faith-based opinion leaders—ordained and lay—who can meet your reporting needs and expand your audience reach.

How do I find a FaithSource Voice?

Our website allows you to quickly search by name, faith, issue or geographic region. Past the following url in your browswer to get started:

How can I “book” a FaithSource Voice?

You can easily “book” a FaithSource Voice by clicking “Book a Voice” on the top right of every page on our website, or via each FaithSource participants’ bio page.

On a tight deadline?
24/7 contacts:
Susan Barnett (917) 841-0221,

Who is behind FaithSource?

FaithSource is an initiative of Auburn Seminary. Leaders of faith and moral courage have been visionaries at the forefront of social change throughout our nation’s history — from the abolition of slavery and the fight for Civil Rights to the struggle against gun violence and global warming. Auburn identifies and uplifts leaders — moving them from the pulpit to the public square — to build communities, bridge divides, pursue justice, and heal the world. FaithSource is funded by a generous grant from the Ford Foundation.

Are the FaithSource Voices paid to be listed?

No. Participation is completely voluntary.

Is FaithSource fronting for any political candidate or legislative agenda?

No. While these leaders may have personal opinions, no FaithSource participant represents any candidate or elected official. Additionally, Auburn Seminary is not responsible for any actions, comments or endorsements by any FaithSource Voices.

How does Auburn choose the experts listed as a FaithSource?

We carefully select diverse and articulate leaders who are eager to speak with the media, with conviction and a faith lens, about important issues in the news.

I’m interested in joining FaithSource as an expert or know someone I’d like to recommend. What should I do?

Contact Susan Barnett: